IMG_0416Two years ago on the last day of my holidays I sat down in the air conditioned reception area of our hotel and outlined the details of a game for training trainers, called the Learning Loop. This idea had been percolating for some time, but needed some quiet reflective time away from my normal busy life to bring it to life. So what do you do on holiday?

  • Check your emails from time to time?
  • Keep your twitter feed going….. in case anyone forgets about you?
  • Keep an eye on LinkedIn to make sure you do not miss out?

Or do you really just leave it all behind and get a proper rest? In my experience, taking a real break away from everything has many benefits:

  • It allows you to focus on what is really important and that does not always mean work!
  • It gives your brain time to think about other things other than what is right in front of you, and you may get some interesting insights while doing this.
  • Relaxing and taking your focus off your problems, allows your subconscious to work on those problems and maybe come up with something new
  • You realise some that some things will naturally work themselves out without any interference from you
  • Stepping back can give others the opportunity to play a part

…… many many more

So what do you find happens when you take a holiday? Why have you found them to be important?

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