Have you ever been in a situation where you have thought “What happened there? This was not in my plan”. This has been a funny week… Not laugh out loud funny, but strange funny. Firstly a trip to Shanghai was postponed. This meant a frenetic 10 days of activity came to a sudden stop and life took on a slower pace. Time to go outside into the garden, hang out the washing, bring it in…… big mistake…a split second error in judgment and balance meant I spent a big portion of the morning at A&E, getting my painful, swollen knee examined.

No broken bones, but newly made plans now in tatters and a pair of crutches for support. “Never mind”, I consoled myself, I can write, make phone calls, plan and design for the coming weeks….. Ever the optimist and making the best out of a bad situation.

I am definitely not superstitious, but the third thing to happen was losing my voice…… Bringing me not into a silent world,  but one where I have become an observer: watching, listening and waiting for things to happen. Being immobile and without a voice is a temporary state for me and I look forward to my recovery. It has however, made me think of others for whom immobility or not being heard is a permanent state.

So I will consider and pray for those who are immobile: either physically or stuck in an unexpected rut, caught in a life they never expected to be in. I will ponder those who have no voice; either because no one is listening or they are unable to vocalise what their needs are.

As I have had time to think,I will be making a mental note to myself:

  • Don’t crave the busyness but savour the still quiet moments; this is where life happens and friends connect
  • Listen carefully to others but hear what they are not saying and cannot say
  • Help others, whenever you can, to move, from where they are, to where they should be
  • Use your gifts unsparingly and be as generous as you can be

So the wind was definitely taken from my sails this week, as the saying goes, but life’s lessons can always be used in other ways to enrich, not only your life, but others too.

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