On the 30th of April we had the 3rd Brain Friendly Learning Group meeting in Leeds attended by 12 people from a wide range of industries and organisations. To name a feIMG_0001_2w, we had representative from Leeds Building Society, Asda and Capita as well as a consultant from Nigeria!!

The topic of the morning learning session was “Trainercraft – the art and science of engagement” delivered by Lucie Pearmain, an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP trainer. We started pondering over what physicality we are aware of when training, which led to some great discussions and insights.IMG_0005

It made me really think about some of the things which I have done naturally and some things which I have picked up over the years. One thing I did naturally when I was being videoed for the first time, was to hold a pen at both ends with both hands (to stop the pen shaking with my hands!) Looking back at the video it made me look confident and now that I know that I can hide my nerves, it helps me to relax. So the mind-body connection works really well for me, what calms me is knowing that I don’t show my nerves so this in turn helps to create an air of confidence.

IMG_0014We then went on to look at the SATIR categories, to understand how certain gestures can help to convey meaning. Looking at David Cameron’s repertoire of gestures certainly opened my eyes! WE were able to put these into practice and feedback to each other about what our own gestures were like and if we did any of these things naturally. What I loved was being able to spend some time with some trainers getting some real insights into how body language is such an influence on how we can influence our learners.

In the Learning Clinic there were 3 tough issues that we managed to tackle head on. So much so, that the people who had them went away energised, excited and impatient to tackle them,

If you are interested in becoming part of a group that meets quarterly, shares ideas and helps you with your tough training issues, then why not consider the Brain Friendly Learning Group? At the next meeting on July 4th the topic will be “3 tools to improve the EI (Emotional intelligence) of your learners.”

Here is Debbie Palmer of “The Brand Coach” telling us what she got out of the Brain Friendly Learning Group meeting”
[youtube http://youtu.be/vzRj6UXrypw&w=560&h=315]


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