img_2393Written 8.12.16  It has been a long time since I really did nothing for a whole week. Even now as I write I wonder what I mean by “nothing”? What I mean is that endless, conveyor belt of what I love to do as work. Helping people to develop. They say that if you love what you do then you will never have to work a day in your life. Most of the time it does not seem like work:

  • Talking to people about making learning easier, stickier
  • Delivering workshops to help trainers and facilitaters perfect their craft
  • Helping organisations improve performance through their people

So what has a week disengaging been like for me? Mostly at first, it was hard, wondering if what I do will be forgotten. Is that vanity? Passion? Looking for meaning?

Then after a while, I realized listening to others, not talking much, is what I do anyway. Helping people come to come to their own conclusions about problems, is what boosts me. The divide between work and me is very blurred, because my work is people and I love people.

I also like being on my own and this morning as I drank in the view, I was in awe of creation. I felt part of the landscape, absorbed by the sand, sea and the air. Such a simple combination of all three, but so beautiful. The solitude has helped to recharge and refresh and made me determined to step out, step back and regroup regularly.


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