In May I shared my thoughts on my greatest fear and was just about to do something brave… Exhibit at the CIPD L&D show at Olympia. My greatest fear for the event was…….that I would look silly. On the morning of the 13th of May I could only manage to eat half of my breakfast. At the show…….looking around at the stands surrounding me, my stand was different…..too different? Too colourful? Not serious enough? Doubts flew and buzzed around my head.

What happened at the show amazed and astounded me, but also made me think about anyone else who may have similar thoughts and feelings. We all want to fit in and so when we have thoughts that differ from other people we can doubt our own convictions. How do we break free of these doubts when all around seem to have a different viewpoint?

I do not often give advice and this is no exception, so I will just share what I have done to help me overcome my greatest fear that week:

  • Share your ideas with people you respect and trust 
  • Ask for honest feedback and ask them what you could do differently
  • When people you trust praise you say “thanks” and then inwardly digest it. Begin to believe it
  • Ask for their advice. Be aware you can choose what to do with this advice
  • Ask for the support you need
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway! (Yes I know it’s a book already)

Here are some photos of the event and I cannot wait to continue the conversations with those who stopped by and gave some of their precious time to find out what we do.



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