I am working with a client, helping their subject matter experts become more facilitative and creative when they help others learn.

This has generated a lot of enthusiasm and one person involved in inductions has asked this question. “It is possible in a 20 minute session (presentations mostly) to get interaction going?”

My answer has to be yes and was backed up by neuroscience, that being talked at all day is NOT going to be as impactful learning experience. You need to involve people. As I answered the question and justified the use of creative activities, one member of the group offered to share her experience of induction from 5 years ago.

The MOST memorable of the many sessions they had from a vast array of departments, was from the Procurement department. They set up an activity where groups were given a (fake) pot of money to spend on something they needed and had to justify that spend. This lasted 20 minutes and yet had a profound impact.

Which are your most memorable induction activities that you either experienced, heard about or delivered? Would you please share them here to create a resource for many?

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