This weeks blog, is the fourth and final one on creativity – SURROUNDINGS. How do you make your surroundings more conducive to being creative?

Give your creative super powers a boost!I suppose we should start with what we mean by surroundings:

  • Your workspace
  • Your thinking space
  • The people you spend time with

So how can we be more creative in all of these areas? Here are just a few suggestions:

Your workspace – this does not need radical rethinking all the time, but maybe a few subtle changes like:

  • Some inspirational quotations on your wall
  • New stationery
  • Rearrange the desk items
  • Rearranging the room
  • Move your workspace somewhere else for the day – I sometimes go to my local pub for a coffee and a lounge on their sofas

Your thinking space – this may be the same as your workspace, so try something new and different!

  • Walk and talk with a colleague in the countryside, bounce ideas off each other
  • Visit an art gallery or museum and take a notebook for any ideas that emerge
  • Take a bus journey and record your new thoughts
  • Keep a notebook or your smartphone by your bed to record any new ideas

The people you spend time with – do the people you spend most time with inspire you? NO? So what can you do?

  • Limit the time you spend with those “mood hoovers”
  • Increase the time you spend with enthusiastic and creative people
  • Join a new group – like the Brain Friendly Learning Group where you will be able to bounce ideas off like-minded people
  • Join a new social group to start a new hobby

If this has whetted your appetite for all things creative, then why not join us on the 24th of January in Leeds for the Creativity Olympics?

©Krystyna Gadd 2014

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