This is another one of the questions that may be asked when playing the Learning Loop™ , a new and exciting replacement for the traditional ‘train-the-trainer’ course.

It’s is an interesting question because some people go straight to the obvious, things they need to get from a Learning Needs Analysis:

  1. Knowledge – WHAT they will keep in their head.
  2. Skills – WHAT you will be able to see them do (or their outputs).
  3. Attitudes – HOW they do things.


These are 3 very good things to look out for and specifically you would want to find the difference between where they are now and where you/the stakeholders would like them to be.You are essentially wanting to know the gaps that you need to fill. If you can gauge what level they are at the start, defining what they need to know by the end will certainly be easier!

What will help you greatly in this is something like Blooms Taxonomy. Watch the video below to fi;nd out more. 

There are of course other things that you may be looking for in a Learning Needs Analysis:

  • A clear idea of the problem(s) you are trying to solve
  • Clear organisational outcomes and measures
  • Clear learning outcomes and levels of learning
  • Which stakeholder’s will be involved and supportive
  • How line managers may help imbed the learning
  • The resources that are available 
  • What has and has not worked in the past for similar projects

And many more things….. if you would like to chat to Krystyna about how you even make start, then book a free 30 minute consultation to ask all the questions you would like!



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