llapproach-copyThis is the approach that we take at How to Accelerate Learning. Many other people do too (without calling it that!). In this blog series we will be looking at each of the 6 parts of the Learning Loop approach. So imagine …. what if, YOU were to take this approach:

Number 1: Everyone understands the whole learning cycle:

Recently I have been working with team leaders in an organisation to help them stop prescribing training as a cure all. This means a whole host of things in reality. To start team leaders have deeper conversations with their team members, when they ask “Can I go on a confidence building course”. They ask questions like “Why do you think you need this?” or “What has happened to your confidence?”. They begin to have more meaningful conversations about their development.

Solutions to performance problems start to look different – they might include spending some time with a colleague, or rethinking a process that is a bit clunky, reading an article or watching a short YouTube clip or a combination of all of them.

When they start to dig deeper and don’t know how to tackle something, they approach L&D, with a solid business case as to why this is important and explore if a learning solution may be the answer.

So what is the impact on the organisation of this approach:

  • It becomes more about performance rather than learning.
  • Money spent on learning is targeted
  • The organisation sees the value learning brings
  • Budgets are approved via business cases
  • Projects are prioritised according to business case

Would you like to more about this approach? Then you have some choices:

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