llapproach-copyThis is the approach that we take at How to Accelerate Learning. Many other people do too (without calling it that!). In this blog series we will be looking at each of the 6 parts of the Learning Loop approach. So imagine …. what if, YOU were to take this approach:

Number 4: A good needs analysis leads to a solid evaluation and appropriate design:

My first degree is in Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology and it is safe to say, that I would never have embarked on any project without finding out EXACTLY what was required. There would be detailed specifications and at any point, we would know if the project was falling short.

Symbols - 34So it has surprised me in L&D how many organisations  do not do a needs analysis before committing resources to a learning programme. So firstly let me explain what each part of this step means and then outline the benefits:



“A good needs analysis….”

This goes beyond just speaking to the sponsor and could include:

  • Multiple perspectives from other stakeholders (a triangulation approach even?)
  • Data gathering from different sources
  • Analysis and presentation of the information to the relevant stakeholders
  • Conclusions that give a fuller picture of how this relates to the organisation and any benefits that may be realised in solving the problem

The benefits this would bring are:

  • Stakeholders that know L&D will dig deeper, beyond any superficial problems, hence a better reputation
  • A more targeted solution, which may not include learning (if not needed)

“….a solid evaluation…”

This means an evaluation that is measurable and the measures are of interest to the stakeholders. Hence these measures ARE measured!!

The benefits of this are self-evident; L&D are then partners and consultants, not just the vendors of learning. They work with departments to design and deliver solutions that have impact and measurable results

“… appropriate design”

This means that the design of the solution takes into account:

  • Budget
  • Other resources
  • Availability
  • Timing
  • The people attending and their needs

The benefits of this would be, of course less money wasted and also an solutions given in a timely fashion.

Would you like to more about this approach? Then you have some choices:

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