llapproach-copyThis is the approach that we take at How to Accelerate Learning. Many other people do too (without calling it that!). In this blog series we will be looking at each of the 6 parts of the Learning Loop approach. So imagine …. what if, YOU were to take this approach:

Number 3: L&D use a consultancy approach when asked to design or deliver:


I speak to many L&D professionals who work in a “reactive” rather than a “proactive” mode. This sometimes feels to them like they have no choice. A typical scenario may be:


  • A stakeholder receives bad news
  • Stakeholder thinks they can fix it with some training so they call in L&D
  • Stakeholder tells L&D what they need and when
  • Stakeholder gets more bad news, when the approach is not working as planned

So when you use a consultancy approach, what might you expect? Here are a few things:

  • A detailed conversation about what the situation is that needs addressing
  • A willingness and openness to dig deeper to explore what might be happening (or not happening)
  • Less rush to the solution and more understanding about the real issues that needs to be sorted
  • A partnership approach, seeking advice and working together, rather than being told when and what to do
  • Targeted, business focussed solutions that at times may not have any training included
  • An eagerness for the stakeholder to measure the success, with responsibility for measurement being with them
  • Budgets justified, support offered and resources available

Would you like to more about this approach? Then you have some choices:

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