IMG_0220Inspired by Tony Jackson and Julie Dryborough, with their #LDbravery experiment, it got me thinking. I am in no doubt, that as L&D professionals we have to be brave, you only have to read Tony’s blog to know that is absolutely true. Who else would put up with name-calling, bad behaviour and stage fright all in one day?

So if we are so brave…..surely that means that we know we are the right people to bring about significant changes to organisations. There are however things that get in the way:

  • The value of L&D is not known widely in the organisation
  • Senior people don’t come to L&D first to ask how they should implement change
  • Stakeholders are not engaged enough to make sure the learning is imbedded
  • Resources that are needed are not always available
  • L&D do not always speak the language of the Stakeholders
  • If it does not happen, they blame L&D

So, if I am amongst those people in L&D who have shown themselves to be brave …… go on…… dare to dream…… what does that look like? Here are a few thoughts from me:

  • Challenging key people, for L&D to be included in key change discussions
  • Asking the right questions, to uncover the real needs and then demonstrate the real value L&D brings
  • Challenging the stakeholders, when they do not support the learning back into the workplace
  • Saying “No” when you perceive that the intervention will not bring value or achieve organisational goals

So if you have added a blog to #LDbravery ….. I will challenge you to another blog…. this time to #DaretoDreamLND where you share with all us brave souls what changes you would like to see. Go on be brave….

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