These two phrases are often used together and are sometimes used interchangeably. We help organisations to understand the difference, so that they can make a difference to their organisation.

If you would like for your team to have a more creative outlook, we can help them to use a whole toolbox of techniques to generate ideas, quickly and easily.

If you would like to be more innovative, then we can help you to take those creative ideas and turn them into workable solutions.

What is your greatest challenge and where? Speak to us about how we might help you overcome your greatest obstacles using the creative power of your team. We offer both consultancy, coaching and workshops to suit your creativity needs.


This has been a popular workshop, where you can discover Epstein’s creative competencies and learn how to boost them, as well as learning some great creativity techniques.

In this workshop you will, you will learn how to improve each one of your own creative competencies:

Ideas on how to make sure you do not lose your best ideas!

How you can learn through failure and tough experiences.

Widening your experience and using skills from other places

Getting yourself in the right environment to be creative

You will also learn some easy-to-use creativity techniques to help brainstorm ideas on individually or in a team


This year we were very honoured to run the Creativity Zone at Learning Live in September.  What an amazing couple of days we had!  We’d like to thank everyone that came along to visit us there and share our creative energy.  Click here to read the first in the series of blogs and follow the #LearningLive or #CreativityZone hashtags on Twitter to find out more.

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