This may be of interest to you if:

You are an L&D professional with many years experience and would like some help in improving your skills and knowledge or if you are a professional or consultant, who delivers workshops from time to time (but are NOT a trainer).

The coaching session(s) will be geared entirely to your needs and could include:

  • How to adopt a consultancy approach
  • Needs analysis – giving your stakeholders the value and impact they require
  • Design – the most up to date methods
  • Delivery – how to adapt your style
  • Evaluation – how to make it simple for you
  • Any topics from my book “How Not To Waste Your Money on Training”
  • How to apply accelerated learning principles to the learning you design or deliver
  • Anything I have learn in the past 30 years in the business which might be useful to you at this time!
Recently I worked with Jennifer Holloway, author of “Personal Branding for Brits”. We spent a half-day together, where I gave her an unbiased view of what she could do to improve her workshop. This is what Jennifer said:
I run a lot of workshops on my subject of personal brand and, although I’d always had great feedback, I wanted someone to give what I did a really critical eye to see if I could make it even better. Krystyna delivered just that – in spades! She impressed me with her approach, not only when we met to do the work, but also before and after. She helps you set incredibly clear objectives so you know you’re both heading in the right direction.

By the end of our session together, my head was ready to explode with all the ways Krystyna had suggested that I could take my workshop to the next level. I’m really pleased with the value for money I got.

Jennifer Holloway


Here is another testimonial from Jo Bayliss, Training Manager for The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:
I met with Krys for a ½ day coaching session after attending some short workshops Krys had delivered at the World of Learning conference and exhibition in October 2012.  These short sessions had introduced me to the concept of accelerated learning and Krys’ enthusiasm and energy was inspiring!  Although Krys’ website and blogs are a great source for ideas and information, a personal coaching session enabled me to look at some specific work issues and learn more about how to apply AL in my specific workplace.

The session has been hugely beneficial to me personally and I believe to the colleagues I work with on a daily basis.

Jo Bayliss

Training Manager

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