Imagine if….#2

llapproach-copyThis is the approach that we take at How to Accelerate Learning. Many other people do too (without calling it that!). In this blog series we will be looking at each of the 6 parts of the Learning Loop approach. So imagine …. what if, YOU were to take this approach:

Number 2: Stakeholder engagement and management skills are developed:

I am often shocked that so many L&D professionals do not fully utilise their stakeholders and engage with them. Some people do not know who all their stakeholders are, or their value and so this short video can help.

Once you have identified and categorised your stakeholders, you can:

  • Spend most time with those that have most influence and also support you
  • Build bridges with those that have influence, but are yet to see your value in L&D
  • Get support when times are tough from those who understand you
  • Learn how to quickly dispatch those who demand a lot of your time, with little in return

So let us imagine if you have the key stakeholders on board, what will that look like:

  • They will approach you with a business case to run a programme, with budgets in place
  • They will work with you to put in place measures that will evaluate the effectiveness of any programmes
  • They will win over those other stakeholders that you need support from
  • There will be an ongoing dialogue with them and regular “temperature checks” to see where you are
  • It will be easier to justify resources because the business case will have been made.
  • They will trust your judgment and ask “how” it should be done, when they present with an issue that needs solving
  • They will trust your approach, even if its new and radical because of the trust between you

If this is true, why don’t we do this all the time…..

Would you like to more about this approach? Then you have some choices:

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