Today we were nattering about ‘Behaviour Change’ in the 2nd Friday L&D Mastermind natter.

What a rich discussion and I managed to extract from it a list of 5 magic ingredients that you need to pay attention to.

Without much fuss here are those 5 ingredients – these are broad brush areas that can be expanded and explored more deeply:

  1. Walk the talk – leaders need to ‘be the change they want to see’ as Gandhi said
  2. LIsten – if leaders as in ‘tell’ mode constantly, there is no room to find out where team members are and what the barriers to their changing might be
  3. Make them feel safe – that includes the freedom to fail as well as the support they might need to change (or learn from their failure)
  4. Mutually beneficial goals for the organisation and individuals – organisational goals alone might be hampered by having nothing in it for the individual.
  5. Communication – clear outcomes, engaged stakeholders, supportive line managers all require clarity of thought and communication.

Does this list need expanding or can we add points to the 5 broad brush areas?

Why not join us for next months L&D natter in Clubhouse where the topic will be ‘Best Practice’? 

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