Do you want your L&D team to grow and develop? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of help for online delivery? Would you like learning to have a measurable impact on the organisation, whatever the method of delivery? 

What would it be like if your team had more of a creative consultancy approach to L&D? What if they were able to adapt more easily in their approach, but know that what they are doing has some grounding in recent research?

Krystyna has been helping people L&D professionals apply her 5 Secrets of Accelerated Learning since 2012 and has recently reaffirmed them in her series of articles for the Training Zone, researching the latest thinking in L&D. Click at the bottom to view the articles.

This unique online programme is for L&D professionals who want to develop their skills for any learning they deliver, by whatever means. These five guiding principles will prepare your team for a new way of working which encompasses the best methods of delivery for the best outcomes for your organisation.

5 Secrets of Accelerated Learning – online programme

By the end of the programme the participants will be able to:

  • Apply these 5 secrets to creatively mix a blend of learning that achieves real business outcomes
  • Facilitate both face to face, online and a blend of learning to improve performance measurably
  • Apply some neuroscience to ensure that the learning sticks
  • Create the right environment for learning to happen and for the learning culture to develop
  • Use a more consultative approach to L&D which helps to engage the business

For those who have already attended the Learning Loop programme, the programme would be shorter and may cover (depending on needs identified):

  • Consultancy skills to maximise returns in online learning
  • Online facilitation skills – top 10 tips
  • 100 ways to learn – creating a great blend of learning
  • Maximising your own platform
  • Which parts of the environment can you control?
  • A model to generate ideas for the online arena
  • How do you translate some face to face activities to online?

A recent client, Diane Allen, Director of Allen People Solutions in Belfast, said

“This has exceeded our expectations….on a par with face-to-face.”

Here is what she thinks of the programme

To register your interest, find out more or have chat about how this could help you:

Click here for your no strings consultation

This online programme can be delivered in 4-6 sessions with the option to add an extra session on ‘Rapid and Creative design techniques’.

These are interactive, engaging live online sessions, facilitated by one of the most creative and business focussed facilitators in the industry, with 30+ years of experience. The maximum class size will be 10 to ensure interaction and engagement. 

Your investment for this programme could be as little as £600 per person (working out at £100 per session). Discounts available to charities, public sector and not-for-profits.

In return for this investment what you will get is:

  • 6×90  minute interactive online learning sessions, hosted by Krystyna herself
  • Maximum of 10 participants per session to keep the sessions engaging and interactive
  • A workbook for each participant
  • Resources including – short videos, articles and podcasts (these can be integrated into your own online collaboration tools)
  • A certificate of completion

If this sounds appealing, then contact us today for a no strings consultation 

Click here for your no strings consultation

Here is some more detail on a 6 session programme lasting 6 sessions spaced out to suit your needs.

Read about the 5 Secrets of Accelerated Learning on Training Zone






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